Since August 2019, I have been working as a game developer making educational games for Scholastic. Responsibilities include building and designing games from the ground up according to educational standards and requirements from the classroom magazines editorial team, building solutions for workflow and game performance issues, and building out additional web content for the digital team.

Games Gallery

Find the Groundhog!

An early childhood sight words game. Answer the questions correctly and feed the hungry groundhog!

Pizza Pie Fractions

A math game about slicing pizzas as the denominator, topping them as the numerator, and feeding your hungry guests!

Caleb's Math Mystery!

Built in Phaser 3, solve the mystery of the muddy footprints by exploring Caleb's house and answering math questions!

Comparison Maze

A Pac-Man like game, where your direction in the maze changes the inequality sign. Navigate the maze and score correct inequalities!

Ice Cream Change

Get a random flavor of ice cream, and count the correct change to pay for it!

Train Builder

Build trains with mixed number values, by using cars with specific fractions!

Alphabet Bubble Pop

In this early childhood letter sight game, pop bubbles with the correct letter!

Ice Cream Patterns

In this early childhood patterns game, build an ice cream cone with the right pattern!

Go, Ducks, Go!

In this early childhood grammar game, follow a group of ducklings through their adventure in Brooklyn!

Blackfooted Cat

In this early childhood punctuation game, find the mysterious blackfooted cat, and help them reconnect with their family!